Skills Institute Fall Registration Open

Fall Session November 28th – March 11th

Open Enrollment, Join Anytime!

Skills Institute Level 1 & Level 2: $17.25 per class
**Skills Institute Level 3: $19 per class**
Annual registration fee: $35.00 per child
Fun Zone Pass fee: $15.00 per child
No Refunds / Makeups are available
**Recommendation Only**

About Skills Institute

Educate. Develop. Inspire. That’s what Skills Institute is all about. Our players have fun learning and improving technical and tactical soccer skills while tackling key developmental milestones. There are several ways to participate in our Skills Institute – clinics for kids ages 5-12yrs, clinics for teams, leagues for kids ages 5-12yrs, and clinics for adults.

Class Descriptions

Skills Institute is tailored to how kids learn at different ages – using soccer to help kids tackle key developmental milestones. Every aspect of our curriculum was created with child development experts and our coaches are highly trained to work effectively with kids of all ages.

Level I

Focus is on basic fundamentals of player development: dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping and how to use these skills effectively in a game. Level 1 takes players through fundamental skill building, competitive drills and games to develop self-confidence in practice and game situations. Player to coach ratio is 8:1.

Level II

By recommendation only. Level 1 grads or those with competitive soccer experience. Focus is on continual development of individual technique, field awareness, and combination play. Level 2 will further develop fundamentals, define positions, develop personal strengths and demonstrate how those strengths can be utilized to enhance team play. Player to coach ratio is 8:1.

Level III

By recommendation only – Focus is on tactical insight and systems of play. Level 3 players will work on mastery of fundamentals, position responsibilities, tactical approaches as well as attacking and defending. Player to coach ratio is 8:1.

Child Development  and Sports

Did you know?
  • 70% of kids drop out of organized sports by age 13 because “it’s not fun anymore.”
  • Kids in group sports do better in school and have healthier relationships
  • With the right coaching approach, sports can improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Team sports help kids develop important interpersonal skills like cooperation and respect
  • Kids need at least 60-minutes of activity each day to grow healthy
  • Kids who exercise develop good habits and are more likely to exercise as adults

Solid technical & tactical fundamentals
lead to future success on the field

Our fun and adaptive curriculum focus on development and mastery of fundamentals including
dribbling, passing, trapping and shooting. Individual player assessment and evaluation each season ensures players receive personalized attention.

The 50-minute classes are led by highly-trained, professional coaches who tailor the program to individual abilities and level of play to help the player grow.